Point of Sales

Functions on any device

PC (Desktop or Laptop), Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebooks

Responsive version

Portable billing system: Make bills at customer’s doorstep via any supportive device.

Live tracking

Track day to day activity of each executive. Track creation of all invoices in real time.


Automatic Sms and email notification for clients upon:

  1. Invoice creation
  2. Delivery of orders
  3. Payments


Customise price list as per clients or business account and assign them once to be then fetched automatically for all orders

Order Process Limit

Control process limit per day to increase efficiency.

Picture proof

Take picture of product while delivery to keep as proof.

Customer generation

Create new customer or fetch existing customer details easily.

Order List

One page to track all invoices:

  1. Day wise
  2. Week wise
  3. Month wise


Provisional Payment

Provisional payment collected by executives against invoices, due for final check by the accounts manager for final closure.

Sales Report

Generate daily, monthly and yearly sales and GST reports.

Cash Flow Management

Keep a check of daily cash transactions.

Mode of Payment

Analyze the different modes of payment used by your clients via mode wise payment report.

Payment Reminder

Automatic payment reminders can be sent to clients via sms and email in pre-decided intervals.

Due Report

Keep a track of all the due payments for all clients.

Creditor Accounts

Create individual accounts for each creditor for tracking purposes.

Bulk Bills

Provision to create and check bulk bills for business accounts.

Advance Accounts

Maintain advance payments from individual clients which can be automatically adjusted with next order.


Loyalty Program

Customize loyalty program on yearly basis.

Client Category

Set various categories for clients to evaluate their loyalty towards your brand.

SMS and Email Notifications

Send SMS and email notifications to your targeted clients about promotions, special offers, special wishes.

Telecalling (Tele Marketing)

Assign and track calls to your clients for marketing purposes.


Generate and track monthly projections.

Discount Coupon

Generate various discount coupons affiliated with specific products or price lists which will be automatically selected.

Complain Desk

Generate and track unique complaint tickets associated with each complaint.

Lost Clients

Track clients who have not placed an order for a specific period of time.

Marketing Planner

Create and track marketing activity on monthly basis.

Customer Management

Customer List

Customer listing as per client category.

Customer Data

Collect and store customer information. Store multiple address and contact information.

Customer Preference

Note and automatically be notified about customer preferences while making an invoice.

Customer Merge

Merge two clients if double data is created.

SMS and Email

Send SMS and email to clients on special dates/occasions automatically.

Favourite Items

Store data about client preferences of the day of the week to place an order.


Add points to individual client wallet that can be redeemed as per decided loyalty programs.

GST Details

Add GST details to B2B clients.

Favourite Date of Visit

Store data about client preferences of the day of the week to place an order.



Maintain and update inventory for individual products. Store details of HSN code and supplier for each individual product.

Shortage Notification

Get notification when a certain item goes below a specific limit set by you.


Generate and maintain unique barcodes for each item.

Daily Report

Get a daily report on the status of inventory.

Expiry Date Report

Get a report on the product about to get expired.

Product Performance

Get reports about best selling and lowest selling products or services.

Photo Upload

Upload pictures for each item category.

List of Delivery

Get a list of deliveries to be done on individual day and assign them to individual executives.

Multiple Categories

Classify each item under different categories and thus set different prices.

Human Resources

Employee Management

Store all relevant data related to each employee.


Upload attendance on daily bases to keep proper records.

Advance Management

Store details about approved advances related to each employee.

Leave Report

Maintain a report of leave taken by each employee vs allocated leaves for the year.

Pre-approve Leave

Maintaining approval slips of leaves per employee.


Generate and send notification over email about payslip of each employee.

Holiday List

Maintain holiday list on yearly basis.

PF and ESI

Calculate PF and ESI of each employee as per government rules.

Department Management

Assign each employee to the proper department and hierarchy.

Website Management

One Page Website

Get a predefined One page website.

E-commerce Website

Customize your e-commerce website and link it to our software and keep it updated all the time.

Content Management

Update content on your website directly from your software, without the help of any developer.


Create and upload blogs on your website to a set limit.

Link with pre existing website

Provide an api and we will link your existing website to the software for best output.


Get an SEO friendly linked page with each website.


We will host your website on our secured server if you link your website with our software.


Create new pages for your website using pre-created web page structure.

Key Account Manager

An individual manager may be assigned to your website to help you with the set up and linking it to the software.

Logistic Management


Create individual user for logistics team.

Assign Work

Assign work to individual in logistic team.

Secure Login

Secure mobile login with one time password generated automatically by the software each time an user tried to login.


Manage the assigned work in a sequence as per criterias for individual users.
Put work in order for each individual user.

Logged Control

Track log in timing of individual user. Also have access to forceful logout feature and login via one time password.


Summary page for each individual user work per day.

User Performance

Summary of each individual user performance daywise.

Reschedule Work

Users can reschedule a particular work for another day stating reasons for the same.

Kilometer Maintenance

Keep track of Kilometer travelled by each user day wise.

Admin Control

Invoice Set Up

Restructure the invoice as required by your company.


Create multiple price lists.

SMS and Email Set Up

Specify the content that will be shared with clients at various stages.

Edit Report

Track changes made to each individual invoice.

Client Category

Specify Criterias to create and classify clients in different categories.


Specify individual roles to each user within the organization.

Store Details

Specify your store details to be mentioned in the invoice.

Tag setup

Set up barcode tag design.

Data Export

Export important data in excel sheet format.

Additional Feature

API integrations with

  1. Accounting Software
  2. Route managing crm
  3. IVR CRM
  4. Digital Payment gateways
  5. Whatsapp